What is Rewarded Opinions?

Rewarded Opinions is an online survey site where you get paid for your opinions.

Start earning points immediately!

Become a member today and start collecting points from the moment you register, meaning you're already on the way to earning your first payout! Points are redeemable via PayPal. Your opinions are important to us and that's why we reward our members.

100 points = $1.00 and with up to 500 points for each survey and up to 3,000 for each online focus group, the points soon add up.

Make sure that you complete all our short profiling questionnaires as well. This way you are more likely to be invited to complete more surveys!

Why join Rewarded Opinions?

More and more these days, companies will seek the opinions of customers before they launch products or services. Rewarded Opinions works with these companies to gather the opinions of you, the customer. Companies are willing to pay for customer insights and hence why we are able to reward you every time you provide your opinions.

There are a number of paid survey sites on the web but we believe that Rewarded Opinions is the best and most rewarding! Our surveys are interesting and fun to take and our focus groups bring together a wide range of interesting members.